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We can advise you on the purchase of machinery according to your needs. More often than not, the hidden costs associated with the purchase of new and used machinery are difficult to spot, especially for international transactions.

Dismantling, installation and initial operation

We take care of the whole process when you purchase or sell an item of machinery, from its disassembly to the initial setup in its new location.

Technical service

SIIE’s team of qualified technicians offer a professional check-up and maintenance service.

SIIE has the answer to your questions

Would you like to buy or sell an item of machinery? Here are some questions that you may be asking yourself when either purchasing or selling:

Frequent asked questions:

  • Where do I start looking or where do I buy this item?
  • How can I find out the item’s current value?
  • Which company or seller should I go to?
  • Are other providers selling the same item at different prices?
  • When investigating a potential purchase, what should I do if the item is not available or is not in the condition as advertised?
  • Is your intermediary constantly changing his / her position?
  • Who is the actual owner of the machinery and how do I transfer ownership?
  • Is the item of machinery the one I purchased? Who will set it up?
  • Am I making a mistake?
  • How do you go about selling and maximising on your asset?
  • How do you establish its value? Will you get it in the current market?
  • How can you present it in the best possible way?
  • Can you trust your advisors?
  • Do the agents have a hidden agenda?
  • How can you control the sale?
  • How can you preserve title until you are paid?
  • What sales terms should you set?
  • Do you have the time to deal with it?
  • What is your competition in its sale?

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